Orange Juice Brand

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Orange Juice Brand

Design work for a brand of orange juice where I have designed the logo, packaging and promotional material. The idea behind this is to make something instantly recognisable as orange juice on a supermarket shelf. The bright orange is used to make it clear what type of beverage it is at first glance, whilst the rest of the design is to look clean, simplistic and appealing.

A similar approach was used for the advertisement poster as it’s not necessary to explain what the product is, but to make the product and the brand stand out at a glance. The image of the juice with some fresh oranges is to show that’s the main ingredient, or the only ingredient in this case.

The image below is a mockup of the design on a carton to illustrate how the finished product would appear in a way so that it can also be used for promotional images.

The logo was designed to be simple, recognisable and reflect the product (made somewhat simpler by having “fruit” in the name). To add to this, the logo can be presented within a cut-out of a circle on packaging and posters to resemble a piece of fruit.

The packaging itself was created using a combination of Photoshop, Illustrator and 3D graphics software. The logo on the packaging is presented in the circle cut-out, which also allows for more orange colour on the front of the product.

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