Casino Games

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Casino Games

I’ve worked on the graphics for a number of casino games and displays, which have been in casinos internationally. Most of the following are games that are played via touch screen terminals that are linked to a network and allow the player to select from available live games around the casino.

All the games were designed to support the same interface with a bottom slider that can provide different buttons when the game requires them. This is for both consistency and to make things as simple as possible for the player. Graphics were produced using a combination of 3D and 2D design, however the majority of work was done using Photoshop.

The blackjack game allows seven players to play against the same virtual dealer. Real cards are shuffled and scanned by casino staff so players can play with authentic cards.

Each player in the linked game views the table from a different angle. This was achieved by modelling the table in 3D and fixing seven cameras at different points on the table.

With the game selector screen, the bottom slider changes to display language options and selection windows appear over an animated background. Each window displays information on the games available that are currently being played. 3D renders were created for each table to be displayed in the background of the windows.

Below is a simplified version of the blackjack game designed to run on weaker hardware. This version also only allows the player to see their own position on the table to make the game easier to follow.

The roulette game is linked to a real live wheel and video of the spin can be viewed in a slider that activates by pressing the “show video” button.

The craps game simulates a live game and the display was designed to look as simple as possible. This table was also modelled in full 3D but, because of the amount of information on the table, a top down view was chosen.

The sic bo game, like craps, was designed to display all the information on the table in the most simple way possible. A crisp design was used to make the game appear attractive.

Below is a number display that shows the results from multiple roulette tables. It is designed to be displayed on a widescreen monitor and keep with a similar them to the games.

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