Binary Core

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Binary Core

Binary Core is a cyberpunk graphic adventure game with a retro style. It is influenced by 80′s and 90′s cyberpunk video games, movies and anime and will retain the familiar gameplay found on classic 16-bit games consoles. It is set in a future inhabited by both humans and robots and follows a murder investigation between two police forces, one human and one robotic, and their different approach to this.

I started this game as a quick project using online web-based adventure makers, but it soon developed into something more. Before I knew it, I had moved on to creating visuals using a range of techniques that were experimental to me and learning how to code using various game engines such as Unity and Game Maker. The game will be released on PC and I’m hoping to follow that up with Android and IOS versions.

Currently the game is almost sort of playable but I have a lot to do in terms of graphics and putting the story together. Because of this, and the fact it’s my first game, I have no idea how long it will take.  I’ll upload screenshots as soon as I’m satisfied with the visual style, which should hopefully be soon.

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