Starting New Projects

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Starting New Projects

I’ve decided to start a blog on my website for two reasons. First, I’m starting a couple of game development projects and I’m hoping that talking about my progress will be a good motivator. Also, I often find I have a lot to talk about and think this will be a good place to discuss my interests. Hopefully people will be interested in what I’m creating and what I have to say but, if not, I know I’ll enjoy doing it anyway.

I’m going to be making one game as a main project and another smaller game as a bit of a side project. The first game is a 2D graphic adventure game called Binary Core, which I thought would be something I could produce relatively quickly but is turning into a project of a much higher quality than planned. The other game is a first person 3D horror title, which will be a little more ambitious.

The 3D game is being developed in Unity 3D and Binary Core is being coded in Game Maker. I decided on Game Maker for this because I’ve been playing around with it and seem to be making some good progress with it.

As for time scale, I have absolutely no idea at this point. I’ll be working on these in my spare time, whilst also not sacrificing other activities. Basically just a fun new hobby to fit in when I can. I’ll see how it goes, but it’ll be something I’ll definitely want to see through to the finish.

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