Delorean Project

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Delorean Project

For this project I modelled a Delorean car to a high level of detail. Accuracy was important but finding detailed images of all parts of the car proved tricky, especially with regards to the interior. Fortunately I was able to locate an actual Delorean car to use as a reference. Being able to take photos of the smallest details and being able to view the car at certain angles was essential to get this model as accurate as possible. The car has a fully modelled interior, with every screw and bolt also visible. Beneath the car and the frame was also modelled to ensure tricky low camera angles also looked accurate.

The below image is a magazine cover using a render of the car in a simple VRay sun exterior.

To show some of the detail of the car model, I rendered out a short video showing it from numerous angles with a simple background.  Hopefully this shows some of the details that aren’t quite apparent with a still render.

Below are a few images taken from the animated render.

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