Hotel Scenes

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Hotel Scenes

For this project I had to render various parts of a hotel for use in e-learning software. I only had the short time of a month to create three scenes, which means one week on each and the final week to tidy them up and render them out. This was a very tight schedule so I had to manage my time well in order for them to be produced on time, with little room for error. I learned a lot about time management and deadlines from this project but was able to manage it in the time allocated.

The first image is of the hotel lobby and the chandeliers were the most demanding part of this scene. This took the longest to render because of the detail and size of the scene.

The bathroom scene was created without many problems, just getting the materials looking good and rendering quickly enough proved a challenge.

The store room scene had to be created with specific items in it, which was the most time consuming of the scenes to create. This was good practice for speed modelling as I managed to get a number of different models created within a short time.

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